Діана Лапкіс
СЕО Міжнародного акселератора соціального підприємництва New Door Riga
Diana Lapkis is a director of the International Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator New Door Riga initiated in Latvia by the Jewish Agency of Israel in 2013. She is a Board Member and co-founder of the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association, as well as a co-founder of the NGO LabākKopā (Better Together) that combines children in need with underprivileged background and university students who act as their tutors giving personal attention (often sorely lacking) to the children and serving as a role model. She is a Social Entrepreneurship lecturer in the ISMA University in Latvia.

Her experience in business includes more than seven years' experience in international expansion, development of EU fund-raising projects and work in the marketing area in an international manufacturing company RD Alfa microelectronics. Her experience in the international banking industry includes working in this area both in Latvia (Parex bank) and Switzerland (AP Anlage privatbank). She has also worked for large communication companies in Israel – Bezeq and Orange.

Besides the abovementioned, Diana holds an MBA of Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration.