Сесилія Тувесон
Співзасновниця CharityFit, Швеція
CharityFit is a social entrepreneurship concept that creates health and teaches social responsibility for the young generation. Through playful exercise in a challenging and fun way they give children and youth a chance to support smaller charities. 50% of the fee is given to 3 selected miner charities, one of them, HOPE587 helps disabled children in Ukraine. CharityFit has shown her the power of synergy effect and what happens when your values is your compass. CharityFit wants to educate the next generation in social awareness and let them know that they can do something. She also operates as a project manager for World Aid Active a NGO founded by the social multi-entrepreneur Michel Issa, whose passion is to unite people from different backgrounds to show that we belong together, we are one, and to help people in need. World Aid Active operates in India, where the organization is in the process of building a nursing home, as well as in the Middle East where they helps refugees on-site.
Cecilia is born and raised in a hardworking furniture making business family in the village where IKEA was founded. She has a Bachelor degree in social work at Lund University / Jönköping University and has run her own staffing company.